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Our Sub-Groups

Examples of Dorset buttons

Craft Group

We have recently started a crafting sub-group, in which we can learn new crafts or come along for a chat and bring our own craft projects from home to work on and show the group. 

Members and visitors playing Kurling September 2022

Games Group

This is the newest sub-group we have created so far and as a result is still in the development stage.  We are however looking at learning to play bridge in the near future.

We are shaped by our members

History of the WI


The start of the WI in Britian

In 1915, the first WI meeting in Britain was held in Anglesey (Wales).  Only two years later, the National Federation of WIs, a democratic, non-party political and voluntary organisation, was formed, mainly led by women who were involved in the suffrage movement. WI members passed the first resolution in 1918, urging local authorities to take advantage of the government scheme for state-aided housing. By then 137 had been formed.​


WI Making a Difference

During World War II, the WI played a vital role in growing and preserving food and looking after evacuees. To highlight just one achievement: in 1940, the NFWI managed to obtain £ 1,400 worth of sugar that was distributed to Fruit Preservation Centres and prevented more than 1600 tons of produce from rotting.  

It was also during the 1940s that a WI resolution demanded equal pay for men and women.


Hucknall WI was created

Hucknall WI began in 1967 with 85 members.  During this memorable decade, WIs also greatly supported the Freedom From Hunger Campaign in raising awareness of the problem of worldwide hunger and malnutrition. Together, the existing 8500 WIs managed to raise over £ 180,000 for FFHC.

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