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Members celebrating platinum Jubilee

2024 Programme

Please see below Hucknall WI 2024 Programme of events

16th January 2024: Mental Health Workshop with Lindy

Back by popular demand, Lindy will guide us through a mental health workshop to help us with the winter blues!

19th March 2024: Dance Lesson

It's time to put your party frock on and wear your dancing shoes and come along tojoin us for this dancing lesson.

21st May 2024: Historic Women of Hucknall

Join us to find out more about the historical women of Hucknall and what they did to make it into the history books!

20th February 2024: Craft Session

Join us for this eco-themed group craft session

16th April 2024: Medical Dogs

Come along and find out about the role of medical dogs and the difference they make to those they help.

18th June 2024: Yoga with Katy Flower

Come along and find out more about the many benefits of yoga from local yoga expert and teacher Katy Flower.

16th July 2024: Self Defence Session

See what tricks and tips you can pick up from self defence expert. 

17th September 2024: Kurling

Our annual Hucknall WI in-house kurling competition.  Open to all ages and abilities - great fun to be had for everyone!

19th November 2024: Beetle Drive & Birthday Celebrations

We are celebrating our birthday month at with the universally popular Beetle Drive, tea, cake and the opportunity to socialise.

20th August 2024: Flower Arranging Demonstration

Watch this flower demonstration expert and see what you can learn.  The arrangements will be auctioned on the night.

15th October 2024: All About Boobs

Acknowledge breast cancer awareness month and celebrate all things boob related!

17th December 2024: Mind Your Motor Manners 

Dress up, come along and enjoy Paula Cornwell's 1920's themed Mind Your Motor Manners talk. 

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